India Literacy Project

India Literacy Project (ILP), is a non-profit organization dedicated to the cause of literacy and education in India for the past 30 years. ILP has been working on a range of programs to increase enrollment,improve retention and positively impact quality of learning in schools.

With a strong emphasis on community participation and changes from the grassroots, ILP implements it programs directly and through its partnership with like-minded NGOs. ILP also partners with respective State Governments to maximize utilization of resources allocated for education.This helps us to minimize our overhead costs and gives us an ability to scale.

Since inception in 1990, ILP has supported over 130 literacy & education programs across 17 states. We are currently working in over 2236 villages across 8 states directly benefitting 380,000+ people!

Volunteer participation is the hallmark of ILP, fostering creativity, novel approach, varied expertise and passion to the process and above all the strength of shared vision.

Counseling, Scholarship & Mentoring (CSM)

The primary objective of  ILP’s Career Counselling is to help students identify their potential and choose a field that is in tune with their capability, aptitude, skills and job expectations.  The primary components of this program are

  • Career Counselling Sessions in schools for students and teachers: ILP conducts  these sessions in various government schools across Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Telangana, Jharkhand and Bihar. We have reached out to more than 50,000 students through these sessions.
  • Scholarship and Mentoring for socio-economically challenged students, to pursue their higher education. Many of these students are the first ones from their village or family to attend college. These students become the role models for other students in the villages.
  • Tools  like our Career Guidance Chart, Career Planner and mobile app.